How to chat without the Homepage

Last modified by Arsimael Inshan on 2018-12-342

Is a furry is a Jabber/XMPP Chat. This means you can use the chat and your contacts without using the homepage. All you need id a messaging tool like Gajim, Pidgin or PSI.
You can also register your new account with it. * Sorry, this was deactivated due the huge amount of spambots :c
All named Programs here are available for Windows, linux and MacOS

Pidgin is a multi-messenger. This means you can use various messaging protocolls with it like ICQ, MSN or Yahoo Messenger, or MSN. Gajim can only use one Jabber account and Psi can handle multiple Jabber accounts, but only Jabber. You can download one of the programs by clicking on the name of it.

I suggest you Pidgin, because its able to handle more than just one account and it has many many plugins. Also one for encrypting your whole communication via OTR and PGP.

Here is how you use Pidgin with “”

If you haven't created an account yet, you need to register a new XMPP account.

If you installed Pidgin, you will get this at your first start. Click on “Add…”

After this, you can add your account. Fill the rest of the form as its shown here. If you want to use an own Avatar pic, feel free to add it here. If you want to save your password, ther it there and check “remember password” – you can start pidgin without having to enter your password every time. On “Resource” you can type in what you want. “Laptop” or “PC” or “home” – feel free. “Local Alias” is what you will see as your Name if you write a message. You can pick “me” or your username. It's just for you.

If you unchecked the “Remember password” chackbox or created your account, you have to enter your password again. Don’t forget to check the box before your Username to activate the Jabber-ID.

Now you are finished. Your Jabber-ID is up and running. And now you can start adding people by pressing “Buddies” and “Add buddy”. You have to enter the full Jabber-ID of your friend and you can connect to all Jabber-Servers worldwide. Except Google and Facebook. They closed their servers for other Services. You can also add a chatroom. If you want to visit the chatroom, click on “Add chat…”

…and fill the form as you can see it below. I think the checkboxes are self-explaining.

Have fun and be furry!

By the way: My Jabber-ID is “” – Feel free to add me.

Created by Arsimael Inshan on 2018-12-342