Nice to know / chat F.A.Q

Last modified by Arsimael Inshan on 2018-12-342

I can’t login to the chat!

To login by using Candy, you need to enter your full Jabber ID:

How do I register an new Account? Candy doesn’t show a “register” Button!

Register an account and using the Chat are now seperated. With this I can put up a captcha to the registration but don’t bother you with captchas while login to the chat. You can go to the registration by clicking here –> Click me

Candy sucks – I WANT JAPPIX BACK!

Jappix is available as a second option. Click me But since it’s still a bit unstable, it’s not priorized anymore. Means, if two things break at the same time, Jappix gets fixed last.

Created by Arsimael Inshan on 2018-12-342