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[Experimental/Beta] – Get your own Website

Do you want to start your own little website? Maybe a furry blog or a forum?If you want, you can use the “” domain for this. Like “” or “”. You don’t know how? You have no Idea how to set up a webpage?Send me a ticket and I will help you finding what you are looking for.

BUT /!\ there are some rules!

  • To help you, I need to know WHAT you want to do. A short “about me” homepage, an Art Gallery, a forum, a community site? I need Informations.
  • You need to stay legal!
  • I don’t host porn sites! (For art galleries, you can use the image hoster. Register an account and create your albums.)

What about the costs?

It’s free. But keep one thing in mind: is a private project. Means I put my own money into this. And my time is limited. It can happen that a request takes some time.

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