The following Services are available at the moment:

  • Websitehosting (Apache2, PHP7, MariaDB)
  • Jabber/XMPP IM Server
  • eMail Service
  • Voice Server (Mumble, Teamspeak)
  • Image Hosting
  • Cloud Filesync
  • Website statistics

I will ask you NOT to host your own instances of the following services, since I allready have them running and can create an account for these services:

  • Owncloud/Nextcloud - This service uses up a lot of diskspace and can't be used in a secure way. MY Nextcloud instance is allready configured with TOTP authentication and file encryption. The files are stored on a different storage and are not accessable outside of nextcloud.
  • Ampache 3 - This service also uses a lot of space. There is allready an instance running.
  • Piwik - There is no need to run an own Piwik installation. It's not possible to use geolocation or cronjobs to process the data on a regular base. There is allready a piwik installation running with full cron and geoip support.
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