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You want an email address? No Problem!

Open a ticket with the name you want and I will create you a new email account. You have 512MB of space and full access with POP3, IMAP and SMTP - (TLS connections only, iMail with MacOS 10.9 and lower will have problems wih it!).

I send you your username and your password, and I ask you to change the standard password immediately! Don't have an email account yet? Write me a message on jabber or use the contact form on

You can choose from a few domains:


Just mention it in the ticket you create.

If you want to have your own domain, talk to me and I see what I can do for you.

Please keep in mind: I don't tolerate spammers, scammers or other unsocialized behaviour.

If i get informed about spams or anything else getting sent from your account, I will suspend it, and if you don't respond - delete it. So it would be nice if you can add some alternative way of contacting you. And…maybe you should write a bit more than just “gimme that mail”.


eMails on my servers are stored on an encrypted disk, and are encrypted by itself. I try to provide a good privacy and safety to your mails. However: You are NOT immune to law enforcement!

According to new laws in the EU, I HAVE TO comply with law enforcement if they approach me and show me a valid search warrant!

This means I have to give a copy of your whole email account to law enforcement or - if they request it - give them access to your account.

Thats why I can only give you these advices:

  • Stay out of trouble!
  • Don't do illegal things
  • Use strong email encryption!
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