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 Overview: Overview:
-  * Manage your Account +  * [[|Manage your Account]] 
-  * The Webmailer +  * [[|The Webmailer]] 
-  * Serveraddresses and important data+  * [[:jhml:mail:mailservers|Serveraddresses and important data]]
   * How to configure Thunderbird   * How to configure Thunderbird
   * How to configure Outlook   * How to configure Outlook
Line 33: Line 33:
   * How to configure iOS   * How to configure iOS
   * How to configure Windows Phone   * How to configure Windows Phone
 +<font 14px/inherit;;#ff0000;;inherit>**/!\ ATTENTION /!\**</font>
 +eMails on my servers are stored on an encrypted disk, and are encrypted by itself. I try to provide a good privacy and safety to your mails. However: You are **NOT**  immune to law enforcement!
 +According to new laws in the EU, **__//I HAVE TO comply//__**  with law enforcement if they approach me and show me a valid search warrant!
 +This means I have to give a copy of your whole email account to law enforcement or - if they request it - give them access to your account.
 +Thats why I can only give you these advices:
 +  * Stay out of trouble!
 +  * Don't do illegal things
 +  * Use strong email encryption!
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