How to setup 2-Factor Authentification

As a new security feature, it's possible to set up a two factor authentification.
This allows you to add one time codes, generated on demand by your phone ot tablet to secure your login on your webmail Account.
You can get the Authenticator App for

Here is how:

1. Login to your Webmail Account by visiting the Webmailer
2. Click on “Settings” on top right:

3. Now click on “2-Factor Auth”, check the box on “Activate” and click on “Create Secret”

4. Hit “Save”
5. Now click “Show Secret”, write it down and store it in a save place!
6. Click on “Show QR Code”
7. Scan the QR Code with your mobile phone or enter the secret in your Authenticator.
8. Now you need to generate the recovery keys. Go to a password generator and generate 4 codes. (I prefer gaijin)


9. Enter the four codes to the recovery code boxes and STORE THEM IN A SAFE PLACE!

10. Save again.

11. Now you can test if the generated Codes from your authenticator are working. If not, deactivate the 2-factor auth again and save. Then start from the beginning.

If you login to your account now, you will have to enter your credentials first, and then you will be asked for your 2-Factor authcode:

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