How to sort your emails

You can create rules to sort your email directly on the server. This comes quite in handy if you want to sort out spam. Here is how:

Login to your email account by using the webmailer:

Then click on the settings top right:

On the left side, click on the “Filters” button. On the “Filter Set” Row, klick on the big plus:

Now you can create a new ruleset. Name it and click “Save”:

Now you have to activate it. Click on the ruleset and then on the small gear symbol in the “Filter Set” row. then click on “activate”:

Now you can start adding rules. On the “Filters” row, click on the big plus. Then you can enter a name.
If you want to move all SPAMS to the Spamfolder, enter the text shown below:

Hit the “save” button and now all marked SPAM mails will be moved to the spam folder automatically. You can create folders in the “Folder” Setting on the very left and add Rules for moving emails by some settings to different folders.

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