How you get your own site?

First things first: The rules

  1. Keep it up to date.
    Means if you run a CMS System, keep it up to date. Install the updates and be sure you don't create security issues
  2. Don't host services I already run
    Means Nextcloud/Owncloud, Pydio, Ampache, Imagehosters
  3. Don't host “heavy load” systems
    Groupwares, Filehosters, File management utils, Music or Video shareing sites (even private ones). Those Systems can grow BIG and easily exceed the diskspace the server owns.
  4. Don't host malicious software
    No attacking scripts, no fuzzers, no fakesite generators, no crawlers, no phishing, no phreaking
  5. If you upload own scripts, keep them compliant to PHP 7
    Keeps the errorlogs clean and small

Can I loose my site?

YES! By not sticking to the rules. But there is more:

  • I have to stick to laws. If you violate them, I HAVE to hand your site over to the officials.
  • If you violate the rules, I will write you once, asking you to fix it. If you don't fix it in time, I will suspend the site With a password. If you still don't respond, I will delete it.

Now: How to get your own site

It's quite simple. Visit the support system and create a new ticket.

Enter your contact email address and your name. Since I got into some trouble because someone used my hosting offer to upload malicious scripts I need to “cover my back”. So please copy the questionaire and fill in the informations.
If your site is not violating the laws and you don't host something I don't support, I will create your new site and send you the login credentials to your contact informations you gave me.

Q: Your reallife name:
A: (Sorry, I respect your privacy, but I also have to follow laws)

Q: Your Address:
A: (Your personal data gets stored in an encrypted database OFF THE INTERNET! And will be deleted as soon as you say “I don't need your service anymore, please delete my account”)

Q: How can I contact you in case of an emergency? (Your site gets attacked, Your site was hacked/defaced, Your site causes problems on my server)
A: (email/Phone/Skype/ - Something I can contact you quickly)

Q: What kind of page do you want to run? (Forum, Blog, Gallery, Private Homepage, Exposé, etc)
A: Please don't host a service I already run. It eats up a lots of ressources for nothing since you can always use the IAF services for free.

Q: Did you read the rules?
A: Yes/no

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